Lunch Option

Local Resturants
  • Red Hills Market
  • Babica Hen Cafe
  • Dundee Bistro
We will pick up your lunch during your tasting and deliver it to you. So your time is spent enjoying some of Willamette Valley’s best wines.

Tours Discover the hidden gems


Per Hour, per vehicle - 4 hour min
  • up to 5 passengers included
  • You pick your desired wineries or we can give you the tour
  • Photo assistance by your driver

Vehicle upgrade option


Base price plus $75 per hour
  • We have vehicles accommodating up to 14 passengers.
  • We can accommodate as little as one guest up to 14 in one vehicle. You can book multiple vehicles on the tour so you can bring as many guests as you like.


Swirl Top

Let us give you the tour

Swirl Bottom